Welcome to Cold Ash Counselling


You are here because something isn’t going well in your life or you’re concerned about someone you care for. Well done for taking the first step in making things better. Everyone needs help sometimes and the future can be brighter and more manageable when you commit to exploring the difficulties you face with compassion and curiosity. I wonder if you blame yourself for your problems and pressure yourself to change. Isn’t it frustrating that all our good intentions seem to get us nowhere and we end up feeling more hopeless? This is because we are feeling and doing things for a reason and we deserve understanding and kindness. I will listen to you attentively. I won’t judge you and I will keep what you say confidential. I understand how tangled and heavy everything can feel and won’t expect you to act ok.

Sometimes strong emotions can feel threatening. We don’t give ourselves permission to feel or express things fully perhaps because we have to stay in control for our families and our jobs. Or maybe we have experienced unmanageable feelings before and wish to avoid them. Some of our distress comes from events long ago which we weren’t equipped to deal with. We did the best we could but the pain is still in there. That buried pain influences how we manage day to day stresses, how we interact with others, how we make choices and how we see and treat ourselves.

I am trained to help you access difficult feelings without them overwhelming you. We will explore things bit by bit and in a contained way so that you feel able to go back to ordinary life at the end of our sessions. Over time with my professional input we can work through whatever is affecting you, and in addressing it at your pace we can remove its power.

We are all a combination of our experiences and we are all doing our best, so I hope you can come to feel safe sharing your inner world with me.

Get in touch today to book a session & free yourself from tired patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving so you can enjoy being you.