Relationships & couples counselling

I am a qualified couples & relationship counsellor. If you are distressed in an important relationship & need someone to help you combat the dysfunction & bring life, laughter, intimacy, trust, friendship & hope back to your home get in touch.

We all bring baggage to our partnerships, family lives, friendships, professional lives & parenting. We all carry things we would feel lighter & more ourselves without. Sometimes those exhausting battles we repeatedly have are rooted in something painful in our pasts which is why we can’t move on. I work with individuals & couples systemically – replacing blame with compassion, based on an understanding that we are all subject to wide influences outside our personal lives which shape & sometimes control us in unhelpful ways. I will help you unpack what is yours, what belongs elsewhere & what you can safely stop holding onto.

Get in touch to work on kinder, more positive communication & self-awareness for warmer, friendlier relationships in all areas of your life.