Suicide Bereavement

If you have been bereaved by suicide you may be experiencing something which is sometimes called ‘grief with the volume turned up’. Trying to come to terms with this terrible loss as well as the reasons why it happened & the sadness not just for you but for the person who died is a challenge no one wishes to face.

I have worked in suicide bereavement for a number of years supporting those affected by this tragic type of loss. I have listened to hundreds of stories of striving to keep loved ones alive through impossible challenges, stories of sudden shock, of tragedy quickly unfolding, of living without someone when you don’t know how.

I can listen to you in your unfathomable grief when you feel you have nowhere else to turn. I can’t undo what’s done but I can bear the weight of your pain & contain your feelings so you feel safe to take the next step.

If someone you care about has died by suicide I am here for you.

If you were unexpectedly witness to suicide & you are finding it hard to get past what happened, don’t dismiss your feelings, talk to me.